February 21, 2005

Reading Break!!!
Today and tomorrow are my reading break. I know that most places get a full week off, but we only get two days. Still, I'm not complaining. It's a good chance to get caught up on essays, and presentations, and to (hopefully) do a bit of studying for all the midterms next week.
And of course, go out and enjoy the sun a bit.


Anonymous said...

reading break...ahhh what a stupid thing to have...its only two freaking days, thats why SFU doesn't have one this year, there's no point. UBC gets a full week, but not us...:P

Lils said...

u only get 2 days?? oh man, that's awful. and we complain about a week!

haha in case u couldn't tell, i didn't have your blog address at my home computer so here i am catching up on all of them (going backwards) :P