March 11, 2005

Bloody French Government...
It's reared its head again. I got a letter yesterday from the French government (sent to my old address at the MAJT, but forwarded from my administrative school) about income taxes. The form is called "Déclaration fiscale des traitementes et salaires perçus au cours de l'année 2004" (a rudimentary translation; financial declaration of salary from 2004). The statement doesn't say anything specific, so I'm hoping that I don't have to actually file taxes in France, since I've already paid taxes on the income I made last year. I'll try contacting the French embassy to find out what's up. Like I'm going to pay more taxes to the French government!
What I find odd is that I didn't receive one of these forms for 2003 last year, when I was working in France. Maybe it had something to do with me not actually being paid until January (i.e. the advance on October, November, and December's salaries didn't count?).


Anonymous said...

In francais class the other day, I screwed up ROYALLY on an oral presentation at the end of it I was like, "ah merde...tabranac collist!!" (whatever that Quebequois swear is...) and my prof wrote on the written evaluation "you did not make that many mistakes, swearing a blue streak at the end is just plain tacky. B+"


I thought it was CLASSY swearing in french at the end of a french presentation...hahahh

Is Diane Virelling still with her man? If I get into SLBP, I'm going to send her a postcard (hopefully) in french! woo!

Stephen said...

Lol, too funny. Let me know when you get into the SLBP, and where you're off to. Did you apply for spring or summer? (Sorry, can't remember)

SB said...

I applied for all of them, I could apply for Spring and Summer at Chicoutimi and I think summer at New Brunswick and Spring and Summer at Quebec City.

I think...hahhaha so busy with SFU, I've forgotten all about the details of SLBP (its called Explore! now, but I find that cheesy and everyone knows SLBP).