March 10, 2005

Il fait trop beau...
It's 20 degrees Celsius, sunny, and the sky is blue. Take that Montreal, with your -15 weather, and blizzards!
The only problem with the sun is that it makes it too hard to study. At least my midterms are over. My cousin (the 21-yr old one) is getting married on Saturday, so it should be good for his photos.


Anonymous said...

is that the mennonite family that are all married off in their early 20's?

Nicole Janzen doesn't like her HUSBAND being called her partner...I really pissed her off when I ran into her at SFU the other day and referred to her husband as her partner...hahahahah damn mennonites...

Sheila B.

Stephen said...

Yah, his fiancée's parents are Menno truckers.

Lils said...

holy 20 deg?? GRRR

it's about 0 rite now and we consider that WARM