May 08, 2005

I Was on TV!
This morning I went to the ceremony for the 60th anniversary of VE Day (the end of WWII in Europe) here in Ottawa. My parents actually saw me in the crowd as the camera panned by (I saw myself on the big screen TV, but didn`t know that was what CBC was broadcasting nationwide). The ceremony was very good.
After, the veterans did a parade down the street, and we all waved and clapped for them. They also brought out the old WWII tanks, and put veterans on them!


Conrad said...

Hey Stephen,
woah, sounds like you're doing really well over there in Ottawa and am glad to hear that. So now you're already on TV! Soon you'll be famous and I'll be able to say: That's right, I went to school with him and he held my father's machine gun. Appreciated that picture! Canada has tanks???

lils said...

it sounds like you are having an awesome awesome time! what a great experience for you :)

Stephen said...

Yah, I was a bit shocked to see that we had tanks too!