May 10, 2005

One Week...
It`s scary to think, but in one week I`ll be giving tours of Canada`s Parliament! I think (hope?) that I`ll be ready for it.
Today we got to meet Alexa McDonough, the former leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, and yesterday we met Senator Joyal (an important senator).
The weather has been so nice here lately -it was between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius today! We all had lunch outside on the lawn of Parliament today.


tim said...

An important senator? This is Canada not Rome :)

We are lucky if they are there half the time. Just give me their pension plan and I'll consider myself a lotto winner! Oh yea their pension plan would be illegal in the private sector. Funny how it doesn't matter who is in power they never fix that isn't it?

Weather sounds great. Spring is slowly arriving in Calgary. We are about to get some much needed rain to get things green and wash the dust away.

Stephen said...

You`re a triple E person, aren`t you?!
Well... I won`t argue with the pension plans (I wouldn`t mind one like that), but I disagree with the absentia.
Attendance is taken in the Senate (and it`s not in the House of Commons). Senators in general attend their house better than MP`s do. In addition, when they`re not sitting in the Senate, they`re working on committees, writing reports, etc. Personally I think they`ve got a crazy busy job.

tim said...

Yea I guess you hear about the ones who are never there and collect mucho dinero anyway. For what they get paid I don't think they work too hard. I really just don't like the appointment of senators. Let them do the same job but make them elected as a first step.

Some form of senate to protect the smaller population provinces from the whims of central Canada would be nice. I live in Alberta. The place that had $50 billion taken away with the NEP just after I got here. Try to take that from the hydro sales in Quebec and see what happens.