May 02, 2005

I'm In Ottawa!
I made it to Ottawa, really late on Saturday. As I was walking to the luggage carasel, I noticed that Stockwell Day was walking behind me (the former leader of the opposition party). I saw him again today while having lunch at the cafeteria in West Block.
I got more-or-less settled in on Sunday, and my flatemates showed me how to get to the mall, grocery store, and to Parliament. Then I wandered around the Parliament buildings for a while.
Later on Sunday evening I went to Parliament, for a chocolate fondu, and meet-the-other-guides event. The Parliamentary kitchen makes good cookies and fondu! I met lots of cool and interesting people from around the country, including my French profs daughter, and a guy that my dad taught in high school. Then we went down to the House of Commons, and sat in the seats, and were given a little pep talk, before being broken down into our smaller groups (7 people and one interpretation officer).
Lots of cool stuff today too:
-sat in the Senate
-I got my security clearance
-Got my nifty uniform
-Had lunch at Parliament
-got a 3" binder full of stuff to read through
-and lots of other cool things too, I`m just too tired to keep typing...

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lils said...

sounds exciting!