May 05, 2005

So much...
So much has happened in the past few days, I don`t know where to start (again!) The other day at lunch, I saw Jack Layton (the leader of the New Democratic Party) in the cafeteria, as well as Mike Duffy (a TV Parliamentary reporter -he`s fatter in life than on TV!).
This morning I had breakfast with the Speaker of the Senate, the bearer of the mace, and the sergeant at Arms. They were all really cool, the food was amazing, and the room, well, incredible. I also got to see (and take a photo of myself beside) the table on which Canada`s constitution was signed in 1982 by Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth II.
The day before we had coffee with the Speaker of the House of Commons, who was also very nice, and quite short! Today I got to sit in on part of Question Period. It was almost like a circus, with the various parties yelling, booing, cheering, heckling. We were allowed to sit in the press gallery, because the main public seats were full. It always helps to flash an official badge! I attended part of a remembrance ceremony on the Hill this afternoon for the 60th anniversary of the holocaust, with the leaders of all the political parties, some of the survivors, and the Ambassador of Israel.
The training hasn`t been too intense, but there`s a lot of material to read, and learn. It`s a good challenge though. Tomorrow I have to give a mock tour stop at the Library of Parliament, to an ESL tour group.
All of the guides have also been given a pay raise, which is always appreciated! All of the guides are really cool -it`s going to be a cool summer!

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