May 27, 2005

Palestinian Visit...
Today the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, came to Canada and visited Paul Martin. Guess who was working on the Hill? Yup, I was working on the front when his 15 car motorcade rolled in. Let`s just say it was rather impressive! Abbas` limo rolled right up under the Peace Tower, where he jumped out of the limo, and was followed by his security, as well as a lot of aides and other memebers of his staff.
I thought that security would be a bit annoyed with the guides who were working outside, but they were really nice to us before and during his visit (then my shift ended, so I didn`t see him leave).
I also saw a groundhog on the grass in front of the building -I`ve never seen a groundhog before, so I thought it was cool.


tim said...

15 cars for the PA? Wow. I thought he'd have only 4 or 5. I mean Palestine is a very small country. Hopefully they can work things out and put the extremists on both sides in their place. Hope he doesn't get killed. Too many good ones in that area get wasted and then the get led by lesser minds.

Lils said...

i saw a groundhog yesterday for the first time too! what a coincidence.

ill email u back soon... i suck at emails (as u know).

hey guess what, i have friends doing the bursary program too! one is at ubc now (haha obviously there for the french :P) and another is goin to trois-pistoles

Stephen said...

Yah, I was impressed by the motorcade (actually, we all were!).
That is odd that you saw a groundhog for the first time on the same day! Hope your friend enjoys Vancouver -it`s about 30 (no humidity) there now!