May 21, 2005

Tulip Festival, and Haunted Walk...
I went to Dows Lake, where there are a lot of tulips that are part of the Tulip Festival here in Ottawa. There are over a million tulips in Ottawa, as part of a tradition started when Ottawa housed the Dutch Royal family during WWII. To show their gratitude, Princess Margriet sends over tulip bulbs every year. She was actually in town last weekend, to look at the tulips, and to remember the Canadians who died during the liberation of Holland.
Last night I went out for Korean food with my friend Jane, and her boyfriend Jesse, whom I met for the first time. The food was amazing, and it was great to meet Jesse, whom I`ve heard so much about.
After dinner, Jane and I went on the Haunted Walk of Ottawa. Alexa, a friend of mine, is a tour guide there so she was able to get us free tickets! I was hoping to take the tour with her, but there weren`t enough people, so we took the tour with a friend of hers.
I wasn`t really scared, until we went into the top floor of the Old Carleton County Jail, which is now actually a Youth Hostel where you can spend the night (but not on the top floor, because it`s haunted and very few people have been able to spend the whole night there -many have left screaming in the middle of the night). We saw the old gallows, where there were three public hangings. There was a man on the tour who was a total skeptic, but after standing in front of the death row cell, he went totally white and got really freaked out. Yah, I wouldn`t want to spend the night there.
I`ve taken a few photos, and just posted them online.


Anonymous said...

Ben's dad and mom go thru my till at SlaveOn and he told me about SLBP and gave me ben's email. I emailed him a few times asking him about school and SLBP etc.

WOah, tell Ben that him not remembering me makes me remember why I don't reach out to people.


Stephen said...

Ah, so you guys haven`t actually met in person then? Maybe that`s why he doesn`t remember. I`ll tell him that you were the one emailing about the SLBP.
If you check out my photos, he`s the tall one who is just behind me when I`m standing beside the speaker of the House of Commons (one of the first photos).