June 29, 2005

Justice, & Deep Fried Mars Bars...
Today I went to the Supreme Court of Canada with some guide friends, and we took a tour of the inside of the building. It`s nice, but I prefer the Parliament buildings :)
We then went to Zak`s Diner for a deep fried Mars bar. You might be wondering what a deep fried Mars bar is, eh? Well, it`s a Mars bar wrapped in philo pastry, and then deep fried. At Zak`s they`re served with ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. Yum, it was really good. The chocolate in the Mars bar was just perfect, and the coating around it was nice and crispy. I couldn`t eat one everyday, but they`re a great summer treat.
I`m heading off to a BBQ now in the Glebe, and I`m taking some potato salad that I made.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephen!
Nice to hear that you are doing great!

lils said...

that sounds yummy...

i got your email. i'm not sure if we're going to ottawa still (apparently ottawa river is kinda far) but i'll definitely give u a call if we're in the city!

Anonymous said...

okay, that sounds like something you need to bring back to BC!

Stephen said...

Hey Joana, I should email you soon. It`s been a while!
Lily, no worries. I`ll see ya in TO in August, OK?
I need to find those Mars bars in BC, or else I`ll just have to try making them.