June 28, 2005

Vietnam PM, Scavenger Hunt...
Yesterday was an interesting day. In the morning the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Phan Van Khai, came to visit Parliament, and of course I was working outside under the Peace Tower. He was given a 21 gun salute in the afternoon but I was only working outside in the morning, when he first came to Parliament.
As the Vietnamese Prime Minister was leaving, I was able to talk briefly with Her Excellency, the Minister of Social Development of Mauritania. She was there for a meeting, but wasn`t sure where she was to meet her contact. So, her aide from the embassy called, while we talked about the flowers on Parliament Hill.
In the evening we had a scavenger hunt, with the guides, the Infotent people, and the people in the Capital Info Centre. There were about 5 teams that played, and mine came in 4th. We would`ve done better, except for the technicalities. For example, we were supposed to help a busker make a doller. Instead, we gave him a dollar. Oh well, it was a lot of fun anyway, and I got to know Ottawa a bit better.

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