June 11, 2005

King Estate and Meech Lake...
After a huge breakfast with Adeline at Cora`s -by huge I mean a 1.5 foot crêpe stuffed with strawberries, custard, and topped with whipped cream- we drove up to Gatineau Park, just north of Hull, Québec. It was a beautiful drive, as there are a lot of trees, small lakes, and rock outcroppings that dot the landscape.
We first stopped at the Mackenzie King Estate, which is where William Lyon Mackenzie King, the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada (21 years), had his summer cottage. He had a bit of an eclectic estate, including some "ruins" which had bought from various buildings as they were being demolished. His cottage backed onto a lake, and it was nice to dip our feet into it in the 40+ heat (when you factor in the humidity).
We drove around the park a bit, before stopping at Meech Lake to check out the "beaches". Yah, they`re not really beaches. But the lake was beautiful, and it was cool to see from afar where the attempted Meech Lake Accords took place.


Anonymous said...

could you explain the Meech Lake Accord in laymans terms?

Stephen said...

I thought that Meech Lake was closer to Montréal, so I was surprised to see it on the map too!
The short version is that it was an attempt to change the Canadian constitution. If I`m not mistaken it was an attempt to better include Québec in the Canada Act. So, it was going to reinforce bilingualism in Canada, give provinces input for senator selection, and rights to veto (an American term).