June 13, 2005

Formation Continue...
We had another training session and test last night. The test wasn`t too hard -probably the easiest one I`ve had to date (and I got 94% on the last one). It`s just to make sure that we`re giving out the correct info.
We also learned a bit about the two new rooms that will be on tour over the summer -the Reading Room, and the Salon de la Francophonie. They`re both beautiful, so it`ll be nice to add them to the route on July 2nd.
The House was sitting today, even though the session would normally have ended for the summer on Friday. They are supposed to be taking a vote this evening to extend this week`s sessions until 11:30 every day, so that they can finish up Parliamentary business this week for the summer. There`s two important budget votes coming up this week too. It should be interesting, as always :)


Anonymous said...

does anyone actually stay until 11:30pm, or is that am?

Stephen said...

Believe it or not, but the doors to the House of Commons are locked during voting (and that includes the public galleries), meaning that the MP`s aren`t allowed to leave. The voting is expected to start around 10 P.M. tonight, and they`ll be locked in until at least midnight.
Given that there are votes of confidence this evening, I don`t think that any of the MP`s would leave anyway!