July 18, 2005

100% Humidity...
I didn`t know that such a thing was possible but there`s 100% humidity now, as well as yesterday, here in Ottawa. You almost expect to see a fish swim right in front of you. When it`s this humid, it actually makes it difficult to breath.
Even though it`s only 23C outside at 8AM right now, the humidex pushes that up to feeling like 34C (93F)! It`s supposed to get a fair amount warmer than that today.


Anonymous said...

ewww thats hot.

its super hot and sunny for the past three days. hot. literally.

tim said...

you have to love weather forecasts that say " the air will be wet today"

uggg. good luck sleeping

Stephen said...

It`s no doubt the humidity that kills. Today wasn`t very humid, and the 30C actually felt nice. Throw in the humidity, and it feels like you`re going to melt!
I should actually get a good night`s sleep tonight, it`s cooling off a bit.