July 17, 2005

Egyptian Festival...
Yesterday I went to the Egyptian Festival at St. Mary`s Coptic Orthodox Church here in Ottawa. They had an Egyptian bazaar, tours of the church, and good Egyptian food (I had kofta in a pita). The church was really beautiful and filled with icons, and it was cool to learn a bit about the Coptic Church, as I knew virtually nothing about it before.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kudos! The HCCC peer health volunteer position is true volunteering, aka free, its about 8-10 hours a week and its going to rock! :D

I know I'll be UBER stressed out, as I am already, but I need to "get out there" and get some meat on my resume, other than jobs that pay parts of my bills. You know what I mean?


Stephen said...

I do. I think that you`ll probably enjoy it as well.
Congrats again!