July 29, 2005

Boat Cruise...
Last night I went on a boat cruise along the Ottawa River with a whole bunch of guides from Ottawa. Of course there were a lot of Centre Block guides (i.e. me), as well as East Block and InfoTent guides. There were also guides from the Capital Info Centre, the Royal Mint, Rideau Hall, Canada and the World Pavillion, as well as a few other smaller museums in Ottawa. There were approximately 150 people in all.
I had the late shift yesterday, so I left right after I finished work (at 8:40 PM). We took off from the Gatineau side, and danced along the Rideau River for at least 3 hours. We kept going around in circles on the river -I don`t know how many times we passed the Parliament buildings. It was a ton of fun though, and I`m glad that I went. Needless to say I`m tired this morning, but at least my first tour wasn`t as rusty as some of the other guides! I took a much needed nap during my split shift, but I`m back off to work now for the second half.

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Stephen said...

We went along the Ottawa River (Rivière de l'Outaouais), the Rideau Canal empties into the Ottawa River beside the Parliament buildings