July 11, 2005

National Gallery...
Today I visited the National Gallery of Canada. Because of my job as a tour guide, I can get into all of the Ottawa museums for free! I even managed to get into the Renaissance in Florence exhibit for free, even though temporary exhibits aren`t usually included (it helps to have connections).
The Renaissance exhibit was quite impressive, and reminded me of my time in Italy. I looked through a lot of the permanent exhibit, but I`ll have to go back to see the rest of it. I didn`t even get to look through the First Nations art. I don`t really "get" modern art. There was one painting that was yellow on the top, and red on the bottom. That`s it. Nothing else.
It`s become hot again, so it was nice to spend about 3 hours in the air-conditioned museum.


Anonymous said...

Was the Florence exhibit a travelling one?

Stephen said...

I`m not sure if it`s travelling or not. I don`t really think so though. They`ve got works from the Uffizi, Windsor Castle, the Vatican, etc. It`s a pretty cool exhibit.