July 13, 2005

Heat Warning...
There`s a heat warning for Ottawa -again. A heat warning is if the humidex is going to be over 40C for two days in a row or more. One thing that I hate about the heat is that it makes it impossible to sleep; I just roll around all night feeling uncomfortable. Even the fan doesn`t make much difference with the humidity.
Even the guard in the bear-skin hats goes inside if it goes over 36C! I think it`s about time I get a glass of water.


tim said...

Go rafting again :) that will keep you cool.

It has been hot (but dry) in Calgary so we have been sleeping downstairs. Real nice and cool, around 15-17 in the evening and night. Upstairs stays 20+ overnight even with the windows open.

Aside from utter exhaustion I don't know how anyone can sleep with plus 30 and humidity you can wear.

Good luck.

Stephen said...

Yah, it`s pretty hard to get a good nights sleep. I`m tempted to sleep in the guide lounge because it`s air conditioned. Even if the chairs aren`t as comfortable as a bed, I`m sure that I`d sleep better!

lils said...

i can't even imagine living w/o my a/c... this summer has been brutal.