August 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Castro...
Today, August 13th, is Fidel Castro`s birthday. I was reading a bit about him in The Embassy (a Canadian foreign affairs newsweekly). They printed part of an early speech by him after his revolutionary victory (you can read translations of his speeches from 1959 to 1996).
Here`s a few things that he said on January 3, 1959 in Santiago de Cuba, and I quote:
-[The President] will decree the re-establishment of all rights and freedoms, including the absolute freedom of the press (there`s 2 TV stations in Cuba today)
-I will not go and live in Havana because I want to live in Sierra Maestra...
-I [do not] intend to exercise any power greater than that of the President of the Republic (at the time it was Dr. Manuel Urrutia)

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tim said...

So much for the best of intentions. Now just another old dictator whose family allow cocaine cartel planes landing/refueling rights for a cut of the cash.

Some friends went to Cuba and what they talk about is rather sad. The place is really bad off and the people are hurting a lot. The officials try to keep everyone in the tourist areas for safety but they still saw a lot of real poverty and were told by some locals what they saw wasn't near the worst.

Hopefully they can get things turned around when Castro is gone.