August 15, 2005

Guide Ball...
Last night was the annual guide ball in the West Block ballroom. This year it was Oscar themed, which made it easy to dress up for. I wore a new blue shirt that I bought at Simons in Québec, with a black suit. It was a really fun evening. Almost all of the guides were there, including the East Block guides, the infotenters, and some of the scanners.

Équipe Avenir -Hugo, Monic, Graeme, Laura, Stephen, Karissa
There was lots of food, and being that it was the Oscars there were awards for everyone! They were all funny, although most of them were inside jokes. For example, Meena won the "most visible minority" (she always jokes about how she`s brown), and Genviève won "most communist monopoly player" (her and I shared money and land while playing Monopoly). I wasn`t too surprised by my prize -"Scariest Spice". After the food and awards was lots of dancing.
Today is the Fête Nationale de l'Acadie! It`s been 400 years of French settlement in Acadia, and 250 years since Le Grand Dérangement (the deportations by the British).


tim said...

Scariest Spice? As in the singing group? :)

Or do you have the "bring it on" attitude for chilli & curry?

tim said...

Ok forget the previous spice question. I hadn't read far enough into the blog. You and your friends have way more nerve than I do!

I haven't had much time to read your blog recently. Boy have I missed some funny ones. Good to catch up.

Stephen said...

Yup, it wasn`t the "bring it on" attitude for chilli and curry, lol.

Anonymous said...

you look very hot Stephen


Of course you won't answer this question, as always, but did you get any lady action? Just gotta ask...