August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina...
Hurricane Katrina hit the souther United States, and there are possibly thousands of people who died from it. Despite the long distance from here to the Southern States, we felt the effects of the hurricane today. Yesterday it was very warm and humid here (the warm air pushed up from the south), and today there were higher than normal winds, with a lot of rain. It`s supposed to clear up for the weekend though.
I`ve only got a few days left here in Ottawa. Today we said goodbye to another one of the guides. It`s weird to loose one or two guides every few days. It`s not like we`ve had a chance for one big goodbye, although there`s a housewarming/BBQ/party this Friday night chez Véro.
When I got home this evening, I found out that one of the winter roomates is moving back in. The one whose room I stayed in over the summer. But it`s all cool, Will is gone for the week, so Matt will probably sleep in Will`s room until he gets back.
Oh yah, I checked out the Aviation Museum yesterday, which was kinda cool. They had some neat planes from WWII, including an experimental German one that was jet powered. I`m going to miss being a guide, and getting into the museums for free.

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Anonymous said...

the effects of Katrina are even felt here on the west coast. gas prices have been going up and up. the images on tv are horrific. it seems like the US version of the tsunami which hit thailand.