August 30, 2005

One Week...
I`m leaving Ottawa in one week, which is an interesting thought. The end of the summer has come up so quickly that it just doesn`t seem like I`ll be back in uni in one week. My plane arrives home just after 3PM, and my first class is at 4. Needless to say, I think that I`ll be missing my first class.
I`ve had a really incredible summer here, and I know that I`ll miss the people that I worked with (each in their own quirky way). It`s an interesting thought to think that I didn`t know any of them, at all, only four months ago. And yet, after many hours of talking in the guide lounge, social events, and drinks and dinners, I`ve gotten to know a lot of them quite well. They sort of feel like an extended family across the country. I`ll miss Ottawa, the people that I`ve met here, and the amazing experiences that I`ve had in the nations' capital.

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