August 21, 2005

Update, finally...
OK, OK, OK -I know that the updates have been slow in coming. But in all fairness, I`ve been so busy that I haven`t had the chance to update, nor to send out any emails in the past few days. What have I been doing you ask? Well:
Since I don`t exactly remember in what order I`ve done things over the past few days, I`ll just write. I went to the Contemporary Photography Museum during one of my split shifts. There was a really cool exhibit on by Michael Semak, a Canadian photographer. During the split I also tried a beaver tail, for the first time ever. I decided to go all out, and get one with maple butter, chocolate, and nuts (queue c'est bon -sorry for the pun). We also had a BBQ at Anna`s place, since she`s leaving early to practise with the McGill soccer team. I also met up with Kyla, and we went to the Festival de Lumière (lots of cool lanterns, and fire dancers). Apart from that, I`ve been working, eating, and sleeping.
I`ve only got two weeks left here in Ottawa, which is a bit scary to think about.

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