November 28, 2005

Election Time, once again...
Well, the minority government lost a motion of non-confidence today, the first time ever in Canadian history if I'm not mistaken (a motion being different from a vote, which has happened in the past). Tomorrow the PM will be heading to Rideau Hall to ask the GG to dissolve Parliament and call an election. It'll be interesting to see when the election date actually is.
That means that I'm back to work at Elections Canada for the election -technically starting as soon as the writ comes down from the GG. I'll be the "Recruitment Officer" again, which should be better now that I've done it once before. I'll be hiring about 350 people again to work on polling day, and in revision (updating the voter's list) before the election. It looks like I get to play Santa and hand out a few hundred jobs :)
According to a recent CBC poll, Canadian want a majority government (surprise!) but expect a minority government (surprise!). Canadian politics can be interesting, and so predictable at the same time.


Anonymous said...

keep looking on your election work


tim said...

polygraphs for all politicians :)

Not that I'm cynical or anything like that. I do vote but there is seldom a Libertarian in my riding so last time the Green party got my vote. Despite my differences on several subjects they were the closest I could find to what I want in a government.

Funny how out of all the issues none of the parties talk about the MP Pension Plans that are so extravagant that they would be illegal if a business tried to do it.

Oh well. Onward and beside ourselves we shall march to complaceny and another draw. You'd think Canadian politics was chess!