July 09, 2006

The Italians just won the 2006 World Cup, and I think they deserved to win. The penalty shot that gave France a point was controversial, and without it I don't think France would have scored. Then there's Zidane, and his stupid headbutting in the last few minutes of the game giving him a red card to get kicked off. It's your last game ever, in the last few minutes, and you headbutt an opponent! Seriously, that's just bad form.

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tim said...

Bad form nothing! Zidane can play for my hockey team any day! The lip readers were translating and the phrase was something along the lines of "your mother is a terrorist whore". I think the Italian was lucky he wasn't 6 inches shorter or he would be cut for stitches in the face!

Yea he lost his cool and it isn't the way he planned on going out but without him France would not have even qualified for the tournament. He was the heart, soul and firey emotion of that team. It will be hard to replace him.

The call in the first half was a dive but in the second half the same player got hauled down in the box for real and the ref didn't call it. I think the ref saw the first one at halftime and didn't like being taken.

Tim's anti-dive rule: After the game the officials decide if a player took a dive. If so the player gets fined $25,000.00 and is suspended without pay for a game.

Tim's second change to football: No offsides.

Tim's third change to football: Instead of 8x24 foot nets make them 10x30! Can you say "13 to 10" for a final score :)

Just kidding on the 2cd and 3rd ones. That is only for North American audiences that can't find anything interesting without a goal every couple of minutes.

I loved watching the world cup and will now be stuck with the Italian league on channel 84 (in Italian) for the next 4 years. Sigh, hit the mute button and turn on some music.

I love playing and watching football and I've always been amazed at the lack of a pro system in North America. Oh well.