August 01, 2006

China Guidebook... Check
I borrowed a few China guidebooks from the library while I'm waiting for my Lonely Planet China to arrive from I like Lonely Planet the best partly because it's more backpacking oriented, but also for the writing style. I thought I'd include a few quips from the Beijing guide for your reading pleasure:
-On waiting in line:
"Basically, there are none. People tend to 'huddle' rather than queue, resembling American-style football but without the protective gear. You're most likely to encounter the situation when trying to board a bus or buy a train ticket. Good luck."
-On spitting: "The national sport, spitting is practiced by everyone... Never walk too close to a bus full of passengers, and try not to get caught in the cross fire elsewhere!"
-On buses: "Sharpen your elbows, chain your wallet to your underwear and muster all the patience you can because you'll need it. Overstuffed buses are in vogue in Beijing..."

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