November 16, 2006

School of Centenary Prestige...
Today was the 100 year anniversary celebration at my middle school. Yup, my school was founded in 1906 during the Qing Dynasty as a women's middle school. Sometime during the Cultural Revolution it became a mixed school, and in 1996 it became a foreign language school.
The whole school has been fixed up, repainted, and cleaned, which included sending hoards of students behind the dorms to pick up the garbage they throw out their windows into the bushes below! Now I don't have to look at yogurt bags and dirty underwear in the morning (at least for another week).
The ceremony itself was fairly short, only 2 hours with speeches by dignitaries and alumni, a song by the teachers, and a poem recital. They also published a short, glossy book for the anniversary with the photos they took of me a few weeks back in it.
The students had the rest of today and Friday to go home, so there's hardly anyone left here. Because they get a day off school, the Senior 3 students (last year at highschool) must make up missed classes on Saturday and Sunday, while the rest of the students only have to make up classes on Sunday. Which means... I have to teach classes this Sunday.

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