January 08, 2007

Mr.Bond Coffee...
In homage to the new James Bond movie, available in China on DVD for over a month now, I thought I'd post a photo of Mr.Bond Coffee.
I know the label is small, but it says:
American pattern
>>I'm young..I'm coffee

Skip the "Bond, James Bond", and go for American pattern young coffee. It wasn't half bad either.


Anonymous said...

From the photo it looks more like "Grandpa Bond". So long as it tastes good. Do you heat it up or is it a mix?

Stephen said...

Haha, it's not the normal image of Bond -I guess that's their excuse for getting out of copyright?
I drank it straight out of the can, room temperature, but you could also pour it into a cup and heat it up. It's already mixed with milk and sugar.