January 06, 2007

Random (Inflation) Conversation...
When I was recently in Beijing I stopped at a small place near the hostel to get some meat baozi (steamed buns filled with meat), which cost 3RMB for one tray. The next day I went back with two friends to get some for breakfast. This time we bought a tray of baozi and one of steamed jiaozi.
Seller: 一共十块钱。 (Altogether it's 10RMB)
Me: 等一下。 这铁包子多少钱? (Wait a second, how much is this tray?)
Seller: 五块钱。 (5RMB)
Me: 哪,昨天是三块钱。 (Yesterday it was 3RMB)
Seller: 什么? (What?)
Me: 昨天这是三块钱。 (Yesterday this was 3RMB)
Seller: 呵呵。 (Haha)
Then he gives us back 2RMB change.


Mariah said...

They tried to rob your money.
Be careful!


Stephen said...

Unfortunately this isn't the first time it's happened either :(

nick said...

I am sure you have experienced this other times as well...The nervous giggle is the perfect example of "...you caught me...but I am not admitting anything. you win (this time)"
It has happened to me many times. Essentially the nervous laughter is the way to cover embarrasment. No need to push it at that point -- they know they got caught.

Stephen said...

That's exactly it!
When I mention that they "forgot" to give me my change there's a little giggle, then they pull out the money without saying anything. I don't have to argue over it because they know that I know.