December 17, 2006

Random Conversation...
I have a lot of random conversations and I think I'll try to post more of them. Some can be very funny, others enlightening, and some downright bizarre. This is more on the funny side.
This is part of a conversation between a few Americans and Canadians. An American English teacher put forward the idea that Canada is like the US's little sister. According to him we're whiny, always searching big brother's approval, and count on big brother to protect us in a fight. He had some points, but this part is funny.
American: There's one thing that Canadians are better at.
Canadian: What's that?
American: Canadians are just more sexy. Americans need to learn how to be sexy from Canadians.
Me: Are you hitting on your little sister?!
American: I guess so, but in some states that's allowed.


Anonymous said...

this should raise some interesting conversations

tim said...

"count on big brother to protect us in a fight"

Right, like that WWI and WWII thing. Oh wait, we were in 3 and 2 years before they were.

Maybe he was thinking of 1812? No, that was where the White House was burned to the ground and the president had to run for his life.

I wonder what war he meant? :)