December 15, 2006

Donkey Burgers...
One of the local specialties is the 'donkey burger'. I know it might sound a bit weird/gross but it's actually pretty good, if you don't think about the donkeys on the street pulling banana carts. There are a lot of places that sell donkey meat here, including my school cafeteria.
There is also a chain of donkey restaurants in Baoding called "Hao Zi Wei", as you can see in the photo. This is where I tried donkey for the first time a few months ago (but I didn't have my camera that time to take a photo of the donkey stomach I also tried), and where I most recently had it again. You can also get various other dishes made of donkey meat such as sausage and 水煮肉片儿.
Donkey might not sound all that good, but I actually enjoyed it. It's got more flavour than beef, in a sort of earthy way. It's quite fatty, which is maybe why it tastes good.
The meat is cooked first, then coarsely chopped on a wooden board, before being placed into the warm bun/bing. The burgers are served plain, without toppings, only the bread (饼 bing) and the meat.


tim said...

There you go again on the weird food news report (WFN).

This is starting to worry me. My wife jokes that in the orient the only part of the pig that doesn't get used is the squeal.

If you run across cooked snake take a photo.

Stephen said...

Hahaha, that's probably true!
I'm hoping to run across some snake in the south -I've heard it's really good.
Just tried chicken's heart and ox tail on the weekend. The tail was great, but the heart was a bit chewy.