April 05, 2007

Random Conversation...
This one shows some interesting differences; things we use in the West to describe people, like eye and hair colour, aren't so relevant in most of Asia.
A while back when I was taking a bus from town to my campus with a friend of a friend, a girl starts talking to me telling me what she studies and how she tutors spoken English. When she found out which school I worked at, the following conversation occurred:
Girl: Oh, I tutor some students that you teach.
Me: Really?
Girl: Yes, she is maybe in senior one or two, maybe you recognise him. But she never has talked to you. He is a girl.
Me: OK (*that narrows it from 2,000 to 1,000 students)
Girl: She has glasses.
Me: OK (*that narrows it to 600 students)
Girl: And maybe a round face.
Me: Hmmmm (*that narrows it to 500 students). Does she have black hair?
Girl: Yes.
Me: (*still 500 students) Sorry, I don't know which one you're talking about. I have many students.
Girl: Ah, OK. Can I have your phone number?


tim said...

She was just fishing for your phone number! I'll bet she doesn't tutor anyone at your school. What are you a magnet for females? Or do all foreigner males get hit on that much? Do a poll amongst your guy friends over there and post the results.

Mariah said...

You are very welcome in the crowd of Chinese girls.

It is a fashion to have a foreign boyfriend in China.

Good Luck, buddy!!!


Cathryn said...

I've gotta say, your random conversations make me laugh every single time! Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend (she dumped me) told me why white men like Chinese girls, but never explained why Chinese girls like white dudes. Maybe its because they're easier to tell apart.....

Craze Malone

Anonymous said...

does she have to grab your schween or take her clothes off or maybe just hit you in the head to knock some sense into you? she wants you chief. she neeeeeds you. you are a hot commodity. she thinks of you as starbucks (way over-valued), pizza (foreign and looks tempting) and hagen daaz (lactose intolerance will leave her with a bad taste in her mouth ie. after you take her then break up with her ) all rolled up into one. go for it.......