April 03, 2007

Random (Medical) Conversation Part II...
In China the Foreign Land People are supposed to get medical checkups before they are legally allowed to work/obtain their residence permit. Talking to one larger American with high blood pressure, he told this story which almost literally made me split my gut with laughter (it did hurt for a long time after).
So this guy goes to ShiJiaZhuang to get his medical exam and the doctor says that his blood pressure is too high to teach and therefore he can't work in China. The Chinese guy with him from the school has a discussion with the doctor, and voices raise over the next 30 minutes or so. Then he quickly pats the American on the shoulder and says "Let's go quickly".
The American asks what just happened. The man from the university informed the Chinese doctor that in American it's "fashionable to be fat". Because it's "fashionable to be fat" that also means that fat people have larger organs, including a larger heart to pump more blood. So because the American in front of the Chinese doctor is fat he must have a larger heart, which would explain the higher blood pressure.
"Fine" says the Chinese doctor, "he's medically OK to teach".

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Anonymous said...

I don't know which story is funnier, the gall stones or the high blood pressure!!!!!!!!! Very hilarious.