January 05, 2007

Random Emails Continued...
In the last installment of Random Emails you were left wondering if we would have a table inside or outside. Here's the conclusion of the saga, which is even funnier than the first few emails! Of course I don't know the exact words, but they go something like this (as close as I can remember).

If you want a table it will cost you $10,000 United States Dollars.

You must be on drugs Suzie because we don't want to buy the place. I don't think you understand my English. Maybe you should find someone who does.

Sorry, my English is not good. Maybe you can help me to improve it by email? I can reserve a table for you for only 3000RMB. [$450CAD]
Sincerely, Suzie Wong

I will come in before New Years to clear up the misunderstanding.

So on the New Years Eve the law prof goes in the afternoon and pounds on the club door to get in. Playing the stupid foreigner, he's let in by the migrant workers putting up decorations. There was only a single Australian lady sitting at the bar, who obviously hadn't gone home yet. After a minute or two of conversation she offers to call the assistant manager, a friend of hers. Soon another call is made, and the manager is woken up.
It turns out that tickets are only 150RMB each and that we could get them at the door without any problem. Later that evening (or the next morning, since we got there around 1AM), the tickets were 200RMB ($30). They had put a sticker over the original price announcing the new and improved (i.e. higher) price.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any pics of Suzie Wong's? Is this a well known hangout in Beijing?

Stephen said...

I do have photos of it. It's fairly well-known in the ex-pat community I think, though there are a few Chinese who go too.