January 14, 2007

Sweet Taro Pie...

McDonald's in China doesn't have apple pie (at least not in my city), but they do have Sweet Taro Pie! I'm not too sure about the unnatural purple colour, but it did actually taste good. The taro flavour wasn't too pronounced, and the lumpy bits weren't too chewy. The outside was nicely deep fried and still warm when I got it with my cup of hot chocolate.
I'm less curious about trying the green bean pie (I don't like green beans), but I think I'll try the taro root pie again.


Cathryn said...

Is it taro root that has the flavour that is indescribable other than 'purple'?

Stephen said...

Yup, you got it! It tastes just like the colour purple.

There's a good dish here called "BaSiXiangYu" which is strips of the root that are cooked and coated in a hot toffy/sugar and sesame seeds. It's served hot, so you grab a slice and dunk it in cold water so the sugar hardens. There's also a version with egg and sweet potato.