February 24, 2007

Random Text Message...
I got a random text message the other day, from an unknown number. It's not from a number or person that I know because I've saved every phone number I've been given, including people that have left because I'm too lazy to delete them from my phone. The text goes like this:

Hello what are you doing ?i am the student of hebei university:-)

Never mind that Hebei University has tens of thousands, they are the student of Hebei University. If you're reading this post, please send me a text with your name or an indication of where we met. Cheers.
While looking for the exact number of students at HeDa I found out that one of the faculty has discovered 103 species of locust and that "his way of categorizing the locust is among the most advanced in the world". Who knew there were so many species of locust?!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephenn, It is very interesting to read your China experiences,especially about Baoding. I was in Baoding with my two children between December 16,2006 and January 17,2007. I went back to visit my parents after many years residing in America. I went to Hebei university and visited my former classmate(She is the university's secretary and we both are Hebei University's graduates).I took my children to many places mentioned in your blogs. It was very cold there, but I am glad that you are holding it well and are having fun. My brothers took us to a famous Peking Duck restaurant in Baoding, not too far from the university and also a well-known restaurant featuring steamed meat bun(gou bu li bao zi). You might want to try them out.
Good luck with everything and look forward to reading more of your writings.
Wen Beebe

Stephen said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying my blog! I've also been to that Peking Duck restaurant (for Thanksgiving) called Quan Ju De, which has excellent duck. I haven't found that Baozi place you mentioned so I'll have to look for it.

Anonymous said...

keep writing, I enjoy your commentary. Do the students at the school you teach at board there too, or is it like a school here where they come from the neighbourhood?

Craze Malone

Stephen said...

Some of the students board and some go home at night. My school services the city and the surrounding counties, so some of the students who actually live in the city go home in the evenings, but not all of them.
I'd say that the vast majority of the students live on campus.