February 26, 2007

Random (Tourist Vendor) Conversation...
When I was in Shanghai, Marie and I were looking for some Shanghai postcards. Now in most cities in China little ladies, for some reason they're usually very short, come running up to you every few minutes pulling postcards out of their fanny packs trying to sell them at over-inflated tourist prices which you then bargain down. For some reason that didn't happen in Shanghai, so we had to go to the touristy area to look for some postcards amidst the same tourist stuff you see in every tourist city in China.
A vendor (V) comes out of his 'antique' store and starts talking with Marie (M)...
V: Happy New Year! You want to look in store?
M: Happy New Year, no thank you.
V: Special price for you lady!
M: Special price for me? But only today.
V: Yes, special price only for you today!
Me: Do I get a special price only for me only today too?
V: You are the first customer this year (keep in mind it's four days after the New Year), so I give you special price.
M: Ah, I get special price (as we glance at another vendors trinkets).
V: I spent 2,000Yuan on fireworks for New Years, so you should buy something from me.
M: That's nice.
V: And today the gods come down, so I spend another 2,000Yuan on fireworks.
M: That's nice, do I get a special price?
V: Yes, special price only today because the gods are coming.

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