April 02, 2007

Random (Medical) Conversation Part I...
I've heard a few funny medical related conversations recently from a few foreigners in town. I think part of the hilarity is the way the story is told, but consider the situation and you too will laugh. The first conversation is quite short and occurs between a Chinese doctor and a Foreign Land lady with gall stones and goes something like this.
Dr.: You have a problem, something with the part that makes eggs.
FLL: No, it hurts up here.
Dr.: Yes, you have stones.
FLL: OK (as she has a painful gall stone attack in the room)
Dr.: You should stop eating so much meat if you don't want that to happen again.
FLL: But I've been a vegetarian for 10 years!
Dr.: Then you should stop eating so many green vegetables.
FLL: Which is it, the meat or the vegetables?!
He also told her to keep her feet warmer, so she went back to the US to have an operation to remove the gall stones.

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