April 29, 2007

Random (Toaster) Conversation...
As you may or may not know, bread isn't too common or popular in China. It's still a bit of a novelty and many people think it's funny that we in the West eat 'so much bread'. Then I point out how much Chinese people eat rice, which we eat only occasionally.
Anyway, near the beginning of the second semester it was decided that a list should be made of the things in my room in case I try to put the sofa or meat clever into my suitcase. The ladies who run/clean the dorm building came into my room and started to make a list. Then they saw it...
L1: What's that? (Pointing at my toaster)
L2: I don't know. (She walks closer to look)
L1: What does it do?
L2: Do you plug it in?
Me: Um, you put this (I pick up the bread) bread into it.
L1: Ah, it's a bread toasting machine.
Me: Yes.

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