May 01, 2007

Going to ???
I'm off for the International Labour Day which celebrates, well, labourers. The funny thing is that I had to labour this past weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, to make up days that would be lost due to the government mandated holiday. Ironic? The most senior students will actually have to do extra work due to the holiday (they get two days off, but have 4 days study!). Of course it doesn't help that my school told me as late, not early, as possible when I would be on vacation. By then time it was of course too late to book a place to stay in Qingdao, where I had wanted to go.
It's also a huge travelling holiday in China, so literally everything is jam packed -trains, buses, bicycles, hostels, historic sites, and grocery stores. Everything. It's been a hassle even finding a place to stay in Beijing, especially after the hostel where I normally stayed tried to rip me off while I was making the reservation which I promptly cancelled. So now all I know is that I've got a booking at a hostel for two nights in Beijing, that I'll be meeting up with a friend on Wednesday, that I want to go to an outdoor rock music festival (Midi Festival) on the 3rd, then leave Beijing. Everything else will depend on buying train/bus tickets, a big hassle in China, and trying to find a place to stay. Hopefully I'll be able to get a ticket back to town after the vacation is over?

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