October 29, 2007

Really Bad HP Customer Service...
In my continuing struggle to find out what's happened with my laptop at HP (and get it back!), I haven't found out anything except that they've got really bad customer service.
I called the Canadian number (important to note) again on Wednesday to see what was happening, and where my computer was. I of course got booted around to a bunch of different people, and eventually talked to Kumar. He couldn't help me, and transfered me to some box-store/HP liason lady who was supposed to be able to find my computer in the system. Obviously Kumar didn't know that I was calling from Canada (despite me calling a Canadian number and being offered service in English or French), because he connected me to a lady in the US. After giving her all my info, computer info, store info, etc., she couldn't find my computer in the system. Nothing! I was getting a bit nervous. After 10 minutes of trying every number, product code, and phone number, she asked for my ZIP code. I gave her my postal code. "Your ZIP code sir." "Ah, I'm in Canada." "Well I'm in the States. Sorry sir, but I can't help you. You'll have to call the Canada support number."
Back to square one!
When I called the number "all of our agents are [of course] busy", but I could leave a message and they would respond in 24 hours. I decided it best to hold and wait for an actual person. It's not like I didn't have to write a 10-page paper about medical negligence for the next day on a borrowed computer or anything.
10 minutes of elevator music later and no operator. The system decided automatically to put me through to voice mail where I left an unhappy message with my product details and phone number. The machine said they would respond in 24 hours. It's been 4 days now...
So I went to Staples on the weekend, where I bought the laptop and a 3-year warranty, to see if they could help. The manager photocopied my details, and said she would have the tech department email HP.


tomato_ice said...

My Dell laptop comes with a 3-year door-to-door service warranty. Heard that the service is cool! Touch wood, I hope I will never need that.

Anonymous said...

unbelieveable!!!!!!! time to demand a new laptop

Dad said...

Here is an interesting comment that needs to be spread around near and far.

Staples - Canada
Posted: 2007-06-11 by Ron Turley [send email]
Extended warrantees at Staples are worthless

Complaint Rating:
Staples in Canada, Kingston ON to be exact.

The extended warrantees at Staples are worthless. I purchased an Acer laptop there about a year and a half ago (buying an Acer was my first mistake). Within the year, the screen went. It was sent back to the manufacturer and repaired. A month ago, while it was on the extended warrantee, the screen went again. I was told by the Staples Warrantee department that they would need my computer for at least two weeks. I told them that I used my computer in my business and could not do without it for that length of time. They offered no help. They would not provide me with a loaner.

I ordered a Dell laptop. Once it was received and set up, I took my Acer to Staples. After a week, they called to inform me that it would cost more to repair than the current market value of the machine. They offered me $554 in store credits and they will keep the computer. As all I need is a monitor, I have turned them down and they will send it back. Pathetic.

An important note that Staples never mentions is that the warrantee is refundable. If you take it in, they will give you the pro-rated amount. I would suggest that anyone with an extended warrantee do this as soon as possible.

As found at:

Makes one think twice about buying at Staples.

Anonymous said...

Let me say I would never buy an HP after all of your troubles.....

tomato_ice said...

I use an IBM laptop when I work for that company. Because it's a company property, I never took care of it nicely. Anything went wrong, you just need to dial the helpdesk # and it proved to be very helpful and efficient.

It fell from the passenger seat a few times when I hit on the emergency break infront of traffic light. It was ON 24/7 without closing the files and systems that I need to use to work for long hours everyday, so that I dont have to open again in the next morning. But the performance was damn good and never gave me any troubles. Go for IBM if ur 'pocket' allowed u to.

Stephen said...

So HP called, and asked if I was happy with the repair.
Um, I still don't have my laptop, and the local Staples hasn't received it yet either. Wait another week or so for it to arrive...