March 04, 2008

Bienvenue Chez les Ch'tis
I just heard about a great new movie called "Bienvenue Chez les Ch'tis" (Welcome to the Land of the Ch'tis), a French comedy that takes place in the North of France. Apparently it's doing really well at the box office.
I've written a bit about Ch'ti before, the "patois"/language spoken in the North of France. It's spoken in the North of France, where I was living and teaching a few years ago. When I watched the promo video I almost literally died laughing. There were so many stereotypes and memories. For example, when the guy from Paris drives up North he passes a sign welcoming him to the North and right away the skies open up and it pours with rain (it did rain almost the entire time I was there, including last summer when I went back for a day). They also tease the language, and there's a great line where the Parisian asks "Is there something wrong with your jaw? You're talking funny?! Does everyone here talk like that?". The Ch'ti welcome the Parisian, and at one point teach him how to talk like them. So at a restaurant he tries to order in Ch'ti and the waiter says "I'm sorry sir, I'm from Paris and don't understand what you've said" at which point the whole table breaks out into cheers because he's one of them.


tim said...

The movie sounds funny. Nice photos of the canal skating. Get your skates on and go out. I've gone skating on the river here and it is a very different type of skating then on rink ice.

Glad to see you are surviving a real winter. Next on the real weather highlight reel is "move to high ground" as the warm weather hits and everything melts at once and floods low lying areas.

Enjoy! How is law school going?

Stephen said...

Law school is going well. Lots of work and always busy, but I'm enjoying it most of the time.
They keep saying that it's a bit warmer than normal, but that we've got a lot more snow than usual. The most since 70-something, and almost more than ever on record!

tim said...

Yep another ice age is on the way. The fellow from the St Petersburg observatory is correct.


I remember the 1970s in Kelowna and there was a lot more snow than there has been recently. Like everywhere else they got more this year than they have had in a long time.