March 16, 2008

Sugar Bush!
I learned for the first time in January what a "sugar bush" is. Some Canadian I am from the Westcoast! Though another friend from BC also didn't know what a sugar bush was, looked it up on google, and found the Rhus ovata (a plant from California).

So I finally went to my first sugar bush at "Wheelers Maple Syrup Camp & Pancake House" with some friends from uni. Amazing! We had a huge brunch with pancakes, sausages, and tonnes of maple syrup (of course).
Next we took a short horse drawn sleigh ride through some of the maple forest, which you can see part of below.

They have the world's largest maple syrup making museum, which was informative.
We looked around the room where they would boil the sap down into syrup, and ended up talking with the owner/operator of the farm who said that we could borrow some snow shoes to go through the forest. They've got a lot of trails that are packed down, but we thought it would be cool to walk over some of the snow (which was at least 4 feet deep). So we went snowshoeing! It's amazing how spreading out your weight a little bit makes it possible to walk on snow that you would normally sink into. It was interesting too to see how they tap the trees, and the way that they collect the sap through lines that go into a pump room, instead of collecting buckets like they used to.

Just before we returned from snowshoeing, they started the first sap-boil of the year since the sap was just starting to flow. So we go to see part of the process of making maple syrup.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a total sugar high.
Liked the video too.

Stephen said...

Sugar high it was. After that much sugar, you feel like you just want to eat something green to counterbalance it!
But great fun, I'd definitely go again next year.