June 14, 2008

Fez Sacred Music Festival...
The Festival de Fes des musiques sacrees du monde (Fez World Sacred Music Festival) is taking place in Fez until the 16th of June. Part of my reason for chosing to study in Fez during June, was to be able to attend some of the festival. Most of the concerts require tickets, but there are still a fair number of free concerts throughout the city.
I saw a great concert the other night by a group of Tauregs from Timbuktu, Mali. I made two short videos, and although the quality isn't great, the music is amazing. The concert was outside at Dar Tazi, and old house with a beautiful courtyard where the concert was held. The group played on a low stage, and the audience sat on the ground on carpets. The evening concerts start at 23h, so it's dark out, and there's a cool breeze after the heat of the day.

A few nights earlier there was an amazing Qawwali concert by a group from Pakistan who also played at Dar Tazi.

In addition to the free evening concerts, there's also a huge square that has free afternoon concerts at Bab BouJloud. This is probably the most popular set of concerts, because they're free and most Moroccans don't have 400Dh (40Euro) to spare for a concert ticket
Along with the free and paid concerts, there are also a few photography exhibits around town as part of the "Rencontres internationales de la photo". There was an amazing exhibit called "Sons of Abraham" by a photographer named Abbas from Iran.


Anonymous said...

You certainly timed your trip well.
How are the arabic classes going?

Stephen said...

Great timing!
Classes are going well, but today was my last day.