June 13, 2008

Random (Slingshot) Conversation...
Kid: Bonjour Monsieur. (Hello Sir)
Me: Bonjour. (Hello)
Kid: Un Dirham s'il vous plait. (A Dirham please)
Me: Non. (No -we've been told not to give kids money)
Kid: Un bonbon. (A candy)
I keep walking down the street. Something lands just to my left. Then something hits the back of my shoes. I turn around and the kid has a home-made slingshot that he's using to shoot stuff at me with! He shrugs and pulls the elastic back again.
Luckily he didn't actually hit me -maybe he had bad aim, or maybe he didn't actually want to hit me and have me run after him?

1 comment:

tmc said...

Too funny. Keep a slingshot handy and next time shoot coins back at him :)