July 14, 2005

Last night we had a bit of thunder and lightning -at least 2 hours of it. The lightning lit up the whole sky, except for the rare but huge bolts of glowing light that shot down from the sky. The thunder cracked, and boomed off the buildings. We`ve had thunder and lightning here before, but not like that. Apparently it gets even better (i.e. more) in August! Back on the West Coast we don`t get thunder and lightning like this -the humidity makes for a good show.


tim said...

Cool. Is there any place you can sit (safely) and watch? Here I sit on my front porch or inside at the kitchen table to watch the light shows.

We had one a few years back that lit up the city. One of the fellows I worked with was from Toronto and he said they got those level and bigger every year! Wow.

Did it set of many car alarms or knock out any streetlights in your area?

Stephen said...

Actually, there was a man in Kanata (a suburb of Ottawa) that got struck by lightning, and he`s in hospital now. He was unconscious afterwards, and had no vital signs. Luckily someone on-hand knew CPR.
I just stand on the balcony. It`s got a good view, and I`m not out in the wind.